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Hydration Treatments!!!
Our New Beginning!
My NEW Blog...lets discuss "Healthy Hair"!


Healthy Hair
New Beginnings
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Hydration Treatments!!!

Hey ladies! Let's discuss the reasons for Hydration Treatments and the importance for rinsing the sweat from your hair after a long work-out. I'm seeing a lot of dry hair  so lets get the questions and concerns rolling...

Our New Beginning!

Welcome  to  "Tonya O Focus Salon" at Beya Salon Suites. Located at 502 Amsterdam Ave, NE Atlanta, GA 30306.  
This is just the beginning ladies, so lets get the ball rolling with tons of questions and ideas! The first question is " Who wants to have a party?"
Grand Opening Party is next month. Date and time will be announced.
Check back for upcoming events and open forums!

My NEW Blog...lets discuss "Healthy Hair"!

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